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Welcome to the flute ensemble Syrinx from Minsk, Belarus

The flute ensemble Syrinx was founded 1980 by Nina Avramenko, a professor at the Minsk conservatory.
At the beginning the ensemble consisted of students of the Belarussian conservatory, who regularly played concerts beyond their studies.
Today Syrinx consists of young, talented students and alumni of the Belarussian conservatory. This is a combination of a talented youth and a professional maturity.

What does the name Syrinx actually mean?

A legend of the Greek mythology tells the following:

Pan, the God of the shepherds and their herds, once fell in love with the nice nymph Syrinx. To escape from him, she approaches to the ford demon, and he transformed her to a reed. The deeply grieved Pan cutted of this reed and graved a reed pipe. The tones of this reed pipe are the longing aspiration Pans of the lost love. These tones are the soul of Syrinx.

Since many centuries this fine, melodic and complicated musical instrument is the favourite of the musicians and the audience.
Just to the love answers the flute, and shows generous its inimitable possibilities.

Also Nina Avramenko fell in love with the flute of "Syrinx" and passes this love to here students since many years.

Since several years the Syrinx ensemble works together with the German charitable society Heim-statt Tschernobyl e.V. and helps to collect funds to build houses for resettlers from the contaminated Belarussian south area to non contaminated areas in Belarus.